Lucrecia Martel: bold in life and cinema, a glimpse into one woman's head

Argentine filmmaker, screenwriter, and producer Lucrecia Martel is, as a general consensus, not your run-of the-mill artist; or human, really. A bona-fide Sagittarius, she enjoys cigars, cat's-eye-glasses, rarely repeats herself, is not an "industry director" by any means, and, according to The Beli
MargoTenenbaum  • 12/20/2021
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It Went Down At The Big Lex Baddie Collection Premiere Event

Jan 13th The Big Lex Baddie Collection Took Over Atlanta And They Had The Hottest Premiere Full Of The Baddest In The Country. It Was A Amazing Event Even Though It Had Some Drama With A Room Full Of The Baddest Chick Alive There's Going To Be Some Drama. Two Of The Castmates Fetti Fein And Dejaa Al
Blog Nae  • 01/15/2022
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THE WAIT IS {ALMOST} OVER! Chasing Atlanta Season 5 IS BACK with NEW FACES, NEW TALENT, and SO MUCH MORE. Talented men and women to showcase diverse individuals in the city of Atlanta, GA. Meet incredible men and women of the LGBTQ community working together to showcase their moments through posit
Blog Nae  • 2 days ago
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Apichatpong Weerasethakul: a language within languages in Thai cinema

With a name as complicated for a mere Westerner to spell and as impossible to pronounce properly as any word in the language spoken in his native Thailand, Apichatpong Weerasethakul really is that one in a million type of artist. A filmmaker from the northern province of Khon Khaen, he has crafted a
MargoTenenbaum  • 12/19/2021
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Best. Sitcom. Ever.

The first season of The Office was what some might call a “filter” in which the show developed its audience. At first, the shows main objective was to make you feel uncomfortable. During the first episodes you’d experience an indescribable 'cringe' whenever these guys so much as opened their mouths
Valurak  • 12/17/2021
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Os 4 melhores filmes de Natal de 2021

A Princesa e a Plebeia 3: As Vilãs Também AmamThe Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star is a 2021 American Christmas romantic comedy film directed by Mike Rohl . The third film in The Princess Switch franchise, stars Vanessa Hudgens, Sam Palladio, Suanne Braun, Nick Sagar and Hazel Beattie. The stor
Hollywood Notes  • 12/17/2021
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Sancho A Rapper Who Is Prison Dropped a Song That Has The Media On Fire Its LIT

There's a Rapper by the name of Sancho who is taking over the internet with his new song and the crazy part about it is he made the hit song while he is serving time in prison SANCHO IG: "You know I'm pushing 🅿️ All these 🅱️loods and 🅿️irus in the building they gone 🅿️ush 4 me Use to fuck on🅿️
Blog Nae  • 01/12/2022
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After the rapper NLEChoppa interview with HotFreeStyle and He further explains his ‘I stamp that’, tweet that agreed with Lil Reese, following the release of NBAYoungBoy’s ‘Bring The Hook’ track. NLE expressed that he feels like people who have nothing to do with certain situations shouldn’t be spea
Blog Nae  • 01/18/2022
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WHO IS ON THE CAST? Rumored Female Cast Of SOCIAL INVASION Hottest New Reality Show

WHO IS THE CAST OF SOCIAL INVASION? POST FROM TUMBLR One Of The Hottest New Reality Show Social Invasion with a house of 10 people of men and women living under one roof to see if they can live in a world where there is no judgment or secrets. If anyone breaks the rules it's up to producers to
Blog Nae  • 01/18/2022
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Venom 3 vai explorar o multiverso e deve incluir o Homem-Aranha

O Venom e o Homem-Aranha vão se encontrar em Venom 3, pelo menos é o que afirma Daniel Richtman, uma fonte interna. A pergunta é… o Homem-Aranha de qual universo?O multiverso foi aberto no MCU, e se uma coisa ficou clara após assistir Homem-Aranha: Sem Volta Para Casa, é que tudo é possível. Todos o
El_Cine  • 01/03/2022
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SOCIAL INVASION Hottest New Reality Show, WHO IS ON THE CAST? Rumored Male Cast

Who Is The Good Looking Men Of The Hottest New Reality Show Social Invasion? Social Invasion is about the hottest new Reality Show that's never been seen before We're beyond excited for this show to begin filming and to air in front of hundreds of thousands of people. They will be showing the world
Blog Nae  • 2 days ago
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Big Lex Baddie Collection Season 1 Miami Is So LIT AIRING ON JAN 16th

We promise this going to one of the Best shows of 2022‼️‼️ Big Lex Baddies Collection: Miami COMING IN 2022 Big Lex the Hottest Reality star of the Zeus Serie Joseline Cabaret Atlanta She is coming out with her Newest Show BIG LEX BADDIES COLLECTION with her costars Lucky & Sapphire from Joseline C
Blog Nae  • 01/12/2022
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Sex Education is more about EDUCATION than it is SEX

The success of the British TV show lies in the approach it takes on sex and sexuality, and the way it is taught to teens; the ease and simplicity with which issues rarely explored in youth oriented TV shows are treated give the series a special proxmity to its viewers, who are not exclusively young.
Valurak  • 12/21/2021
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SOCIAL INVASION Hot New Reality Show Coming Soon & "What You Keep In The Dark Always Comes To Light"

SOCIAL INVASION Social Invasion is about the hottest new Reality Show that's never been seen before We're beyond excited for this show to begin filming and to air in front of hundreds of thousands of people. They will be showing the world a life without judgment or secrets and they have to figure th
Blog Nae  • 01/12/2022
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Sobre "Succession": Temporada 3 e nós…

Estamos atropelados de passados, essa temporada foi sensacional! Deu aulas de como se fazer um finale bem feito. Agora precisamos esperar mais de outro ano inteiro por causa da pandemia de novo para a próxima temporada começar… E eu que tinha medo que essa terceira temporada não saísse à altura da s
Almeida-man  • 01/13/2022
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