"Venom: Deadly Guardian" hidden eggs and the ultimate analysis of comic details

In addition to the beloved teacher Tang, the most noteworthy things in the film are the various hidden eggs and the details of the comics. The following eggs are here to analyze the stalks buried in the movie one by one.

Astronaut Jameson

In the spacecraft that crashed at the beginning of the film, a surviving astronaut is named Jameson. He is the son of J. Jonah Jameson (the owner of Spider-Man) in the comics of the Daily Horn, the son of John Jameson (John Jameson).

In the '94 Spider-Man animated version, it was Jameson who accidentally brought the symbiote back to Earth from outer space, triggering a series of events such as the blackening of Spider-Man and the birth of venom.

Eddie Bullock

It is mentioned in the film that Eddie used to work for the Universal Journal in New York, but because of an incident, he moved to San Francisco.

Anyone who has read the comics should know that this incident has a lot to do with Spider-Man, and it is also the beginning of the birth of Venom.

In the comic, Eddie used to be a columnist for the Global Journal. He became famous for disclosing the identity of a serial murderer, but because the real criminal was caught by Spider-Man, Eddie lost his job and his girlfriend Annie left him. , His father also severed relations with him. Eddie blamed Spider-Man for all the misfortune, and hated him extremely.

The frustrated Eddie plans to go to church to end his life. Just before that, Spider-Man used the church bell to break the symbiote from his body. Eddie accidentally became a new host, and hatred made the symbiote more cruel and powerful, so the venom was born.

There are many details in the movie that echo the comics. For example, Eddie’s apartment has dumbbells everywhere, and in the comics, he often lifts weights to strengthen his body.

Eddie once overeated after being possessed by venom, and even gnawed lobster crazily. This scene is reminiscent of the comic "Venom: The Hunger" where Eddie feels like eating any food under the influence of venom. The smell of rubbish results in a desire to eat human brains.

So the question is, why does the venom always want to eat the brain?

This is because the main food source of the symbiote is phenethylamine, which is usually found in the human brain or chocolate, so in the absence of chocolate, the symbiont will ask the host to eat the enemy’s brain. This behavior is venom or One of the most commonly used attack methods for other symbiont characters.

About Venom

The riot mentioned in the film that Venom is the weakest member of the Symbiotes Corps. There is a similar setting in the comic "Planet of the Symbiotes" (Planet of the Symbiotes) storyline, which mentions that the Symbiotes will continuously drain the host’s energy. , To make himself stronger, but Venom pursues harmony with its host, so he is regarded as a heterogeneous by his fellow race and is imprisoned.

In the film, the venom is parasitic on a puppy, and several symbionts in the comics have done the same thing. In 2003 Venom's first personal issue, Venom once possessed a sled dog.

About female venom

The most stunning scene in the film is that the heroine Anne briefly transforms into She-Venom.

The setting of female venom refers to the third issue of "Venom: Sinner Takes All". In the comic, Annie is a successful lawyer and Eddie’s ex-wife. She was shot by a sinner and was seriously injured once. In order to keep her alive, Eddie let the venom be attached to Annie for a short time, and the female venom was born.

However, after waking up, Annie was traumatized by what she had done. At the same time, she couldn't accept Eddie's return to her. After a nervous breakdown, she finally chose to jump from the apartment and die.

Life Foundation

The Life Foundation, led by Carlton Drake, is also a villain in the comics, but it is different from Drake’s "Space Dream" in the film and the Life Foundation in the comics. Committed to let mankind survive in the last days, and the key to achieving this plan is the symbiosis of venom.

The Life Foundation extracted samples of symbionts from Eddie and combined them with other humans to create five powerful monsters-Riot, Scream, Lasher, Phage ) And extreme (Agony).

Pop culture stalk

When describing that sound waves can be used to fight against symbionts, Annie mentioned Superman's Achilles heel-kryptonite. Although this is the element of the DC house next door, in fact kryptonite can be regarded as a kind of popular culture. Americans often use it to describe things that they hate or are not good at. So this way of expression actually brings the film and the real world closer. the distance.

In addition, Eddie also mentioned E.T. when chatting with the female doctor. Like Superman, they are all famous aliens in pop culture.

When Eddie called to apply for a job, he mentioned that he could use a female pseudonym and asked if he had seen Tootsie. This is the American comedy romance film "Tootsie" starring Dustin Hoffman in 1982. It is about an unknown male actor dressed up as a woman in order to get a job opportunity.

William scream

In the melee between Venom and Special Forces, the famous "Wilhelm Scream" (Wilhelm Scream) appeared, which is a commonly used sound effect in film and television works, and is generally used when the character is attacked or fallen. This call was first recorded in 1951, and was carried forward by a character named William in the 1953 movie "Flying Sand River Attack".



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